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Into the Summit

for Mental Health and Wellness

Raising Money for the Treatement
of Occupational Stress Injury


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About this Event

Our previous reaching the summit events have raised over $100,000 towards this cause, please help us make this event a success!
The Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) Foundation is again putting on an exciting adventure in support of mental health in our communities. Taking place on October 24, 2021, participants will descend into Rat’s Nest Cave near Canmore, Alberta. Doing so, these adventurers will raise vital funds for and awareness about post-traumatic stress disorder and its devastating effects on individuals and families.

An operational stress injury (OSI) is any ongoing psychological difficulty that has arisen from duties performed during service.

It can manifest as a range of health problems such as anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, substance use or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) as well as other conditions that interfere with daily functioning.

There are many events that are part of the risk of serving in the military that can cause such injuries. An OSI can also affect others in the person's life, leading to marital and family problems, and can even produce physical symptoms such as stomach upset, headaches, and sleep problems, as well as chronic pain.

75 – 90% of physician visits are due to mental health challenges. Surpassed only by severe injuries, mental health treatment is the highest hospital care expenditure in Canada. Every $1 spent in treating mental health and addictions saves $7 in further health costs.

Hikers at the Summit of Buller Pass, 25 June 2016.
Soldiers from A Company, 3rd Battalion PPCLI at the Summit of Mount Buller, 25 June 2016 with MLA Dave Rodney, first Canadian to summit Mount Everest two times.

Effective mental health treatment requires a holistic approach in order to have long term benefit. Programs that encompass various modalities and approaches to treatment are incorporated as an adjunct to traditional clinical practice.

Examples of programs that are effective in providing treatment are:

  • Recreational and Outdoor Programs
  • EMDR Therapies
  • Bio feedback Programs
  • Virtual Simulation
  • Canine Therapy
  • Equine Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Peer Support Programs
  • Family Support Networks
  • Trauma Sensitive Therapy Programs
  • Transition Services Programs

2019 Participants

The Into the Summit event in 2019 was an incredible success that to our amazing participants. We raised over $17000 for the PPCLI foundation and had a great day in the cave!












    Caves are dark, otherworldly environments. Most people have not had the experience of total darkness, moving through difficult terrain.

    It’s an unfamiliar world. Like many of those who suffer from occupational stress injuries, they too have found themselves in an unfamiliar place, struggling to navigate the darkness.

    Caves are one of the last unexplored frontiers of our planet. Just in 2018, the deepest cave in Canada was confirmed near Fernie, British Columbia.

    The cave, named Bisaro Anima, honors Private Torindo Bisaro, a soldier of the Black Watch Regiment who was lost in World War II. The Bisaro Anima cave passages have been named with a military theme and after Battle Honors of the Black Watch.

    Participants in Into the Summit for Mental Health will venture into Rat’s Nest Cave in the company of members of the Bisaro Anima cave exploration team.

    Our participants are raising funds to participate in this adventure and experience this challenging environment. Each has committed to raising funds by taking pledges to support their participation.

    Up to 32 participants will join Canmore Cave Tours on an Exclusive Cave Tour of Rat's Nest Cave. At over 4km long, Rat's Nest Cave is one of the longest caves in Canada and there are no lights, handrails or permanent lights. Exploring Rat's Nest Cave involves climbing, crawling, sliding, wiggling and squeezing through water-worn passages past ancient cave formations and bones. This is the Best Adventure IN the Rockies!

    Learn More About Rat's Nest Cave

  • How to Participate

    Participation is pretty simple. All you have to do is fill out the form below and provide some basic information to get signed up. With this information we will add your campaign to the section above, and then your friends, family, coworkers and anyone else you can find will be able to donate to the fundraiser on your behalf.

    You will be able to track your progress live so you can see how close you are to meeting your campaign goal. If you're feeling really confident you can even specify a higher goal than the recommended $1000.00.

    Sign Up Now

  • Perks & Requirements

    Participants are asked to strive to raise a minimum of $1000.00 in the campaign. We know this is a big ask but it's for a very important cause.

    Rest assured though that all of your fundraising hard work will pay off. Not only will you be helping someone who has been affected by OSI, you're going to join Canmore Cave Tours on an adventure of a lifetime.

    On November 10th you will be heading underground on an Explorer Cave Tour of Rat's Nest Cave - one of the longest caves in Canada. Even better, the top 16 campaigns will have the opportunity to partake in the Adventure Tour - a 6-hour cave tour including a 16 story rappel.

    Your cave tour will include professional guides and all necessary caving equipment. To participate in the cave tour you will need:

    Find out more information about the different tours here.

    As a participant in this event, you will also receive:

    • An event t-shirt
    • A special commemorative challenge coin
    • Post event food & beverages
    • Lots of kudos

    More event details (i.e. start times, meeting place, etc.) will be shared as we get closer to the event.

Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI), named in honour of Princess Patricia daughter of the Duke of Connaught at the time Governor General of Canada, was formed in August 1914. The Patricias became the first Canadian regiment in the field when they landed in France in December 1914. The Regiment has served Canada continuously for more than 100 Years.

Since its formation in 2011, the PPCLI Foundation has raised more than $2 million in cash and in-kind donations. These funds have been judiciously applied to programs supporting serving soldiers, veterans and their families, families of our fallen soldiers and youth education. The tradition of the PPCLI is woven into the fabric of our Canadian heritage and history for our soldiers, veterans and their families.

Into the Summit for Mental Health and Wellness 2021 is the 4th event in this series

The previous events, “Reaching the Summit for Mental Health”, were held in the area of Kananaskis, Alberta. The events netted in excess of $100,000 for veterans and their families suffering from PTSD and other forms of mental illness.

The funding has contributed to veteran's programs such as the Outward Bound Veteran's program, service dogs, and veteran's equine therapy programs.

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