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Elen Froese and Derek Curtis Playing IN Rat's Nest Cave

Reflections on a Cave Concert: unEarthed Music with Ellen Froese and Derek W. Curtis

In September 2017, rising folk stars Ellen Froese and Derek W. Curtis brought their soothing sounds to the Bow Valley in a seriously unique way: making musical magic in the heart of Rat's Nest Cave, near Canmore.

Guided by Canmore Cave Tours, the performers crawled, squeezed and scrambled 100 feet underground to the cave’s magnificent Grand Gallery, lighting up the night with an intimate acoustic performance for 12 lucky cave adventurers.

Equipped with no sound equipment other than their voices, guitars, harmonicas and the natural acoustics of the cave, Ellen and Derek crooned, whistled, toe-tapped and strummed their way into our hearts – and it's safe to say it was the gig of a lifetime for everyone in the "room"!

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Wine Tumblers Glazed with Rats Nest Cave Clay

Artisan Pottery Mugs: A Canmore Collaboration


We’re pretty sure you won’t have heard anything quite like this before!

If you’ve experienced Rat’s Nest Cave with us, you may have noticed some dust on the ground and on your gear at the end of the day. In the past, the dust residue that collects on your coveralls during the experience would have been discarded after the cleaning process. Now, we’ve discovered a very unique way to repurpose this natural byproduct of our adventures – collecting the residual cave dust and using it to create artisan wine tumblers, right here in Canmore.

We’re excited to announce this as part of a new collaboration with our neighbours here at our Canmore HQ; 'of Cabbages and Kings Pottery', a working studio with two generations of potters behind it. We caught up with Katie Borrowman, one half of the studio’s father-daughter team, to hear about their story, and how she came to use unusual materials such as cave dust in her work.

Read on to find out more about these new and seriously unique souvenirs – and, how you can WIN a Canmore Cave Tours experience, plus a set of our new Rat’s Nest Cave tumblers!

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Booming Ice Chasm

Booming Ice Chasm - July 2017

Many Canadian cavers know the work of François-Xavier De Ruydts (Fix), who has photographed caving expeditions for Canadian Geographic, National Geographic, and many other publications.  Fix has moved from still photography into video, and has been working full time on a new video series, Terres d'Exploration. Produced by Magali Gillon-Krizaj, in the series two explorers Damien Briguet and François-Xavier De Ruydts set out to discover the natural history of Canada. They use their unique combination of skills to offer us a fresh look at the natural world and explore the most unusual places.   Now shooting the second season, Fix has gone back to one of his adventure photography standbys for material, caving.  For an upcoming episode in season two, tentatively titled “Grottes: Le monde de l'ombre” or “Caves: The world of shadows” he is focusing on the world of Canada’s caves, and is joining some expeditions to showcase our natural underworld.

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