Christian is the provincial Coordinator for Alberta and British Columbia Cave rescue

Christian Stenner: Part One

When citizen science meets personal discovery: Reflections on caving as “one of the last unexplored frontiers on our planet”

Throughout history, humans have been drawn to explore wild places that no other person has seen before.

For modern-day explorers like Calgary’s Christian Stenner, caving offers one of the final frontiers of discovery on earth.

“That was the first thing that struck me. Here’s this sport where you can go and not only explore, you might actually find something unique,” Stenner says.

Stenner embarked on his first caving experience inside Rat’s Nest Cave with Canmore Cave Tours in 2004, and he’s been hooked ever since – now an office worker by weekday, and passionate cave explorer and rescue coordinator by weekend.

“Some of the places are so remote, you could very well be in a place where no human has ever been, whether it’s exploring a new cave passage, or a lead in a known cave that nobody has ever checked out before. It’s one of the last unexplored frontiers on our planet.”

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A Hand Drawn Postcard by local artist Robyn Mulligan

Artisan Postcards: A Canmore Collaboration


Unforgettable experiences are what we’re all about here at Canmore Cave Tours – and part of the adventure is keeping your memories alive, long after you’ve left Rat’s Nest Cave.

Visit our office and you’ll discover a treasure trove of seriously unique souvenirs, designed and made in collaboration with fantastic local artisans, right here in Canmore.

We’ve hand-picked beautiful, quality items for our souvenirs that you’ll genuinely want to buy and use. No bland keyrings or uninspiring participation certificates here – we promise!

We’re proud to offer functional items that you can use every day, including hand-crafted soaps and artisan pottery mugs made using cave clay, as well as decorative keepsakes, such as delicate hand-blown glass bats and other animals, and commemorative Rat’s Nest Cave guidebooks.

From the production process, to the significance behind the little details, and the journey of the local artisan and creator, each souvenir has a unique story behind it – and we’re excited to share them with you!

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Elen Froese and Derek Curtis Playing IN Rat's Nest Cave

Reflections on a Cave Concert: unEarthed Music with Ellen Froese and Derek W. Curtis

In September 2017, rising folk stars Ellen Froese and Derek W. Curtis brought their soothing sounds to the Bow Valley in a seriously unique way: making musical magic in the heart of Rat's Nest Cave, near Canmore.

Guided by Canmore Cave Tours, the performers crawled, squeezed and scrambled 100 feet underground to the cave’s magnificent Grand Gallery, lighting up the night with an intimate acoustic performance for 12 lucky cave adventurers.

Equipped with no sound equipment other than their voices, guitars, harmonicas and the natural acoustics of the cave, Ellen and Derek crooned, whistled, toe-tapped and strummed their way into our hearts – and it's safe to say it was the gig of a lifetime for everyone in the "room"!

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