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CanmoreCaveTours The-Grand-Gallery AdamWalker
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#Repost @canmore_raft_tours ・・・ What do caves, boats and rum have in common? Pirates of course! Join us on July 31, 2017 for the first ever Pirate Day Adventure. Enjoy three great Canmore Experiences all in a single day, and all for an incredible price. Time to get your pirate on! ​ Your day starts with a treasure hunt in Rat's Nest Cave with @canmorecavetours . Spend approximately 3 hours underground exploring the mysteries of the cave and searching for buried treasure. ​ After a quick lunch (provided) you'll take to the high seas with Canmore Raft Tours and enjoy a beautiful, swashbuckling float down the Bow River. Time to prove your pirate mettle! No pirate's day is complete without a little grog. Sample some great rum with the Cellar Door before being treated to an amazing 3-course meal from the @devilstablecanmore , one of Canmore's newset restaurants.
#Repost @daxjustin ・・・ INTO EARTH'S WOMB. I've always wondered what the Earth looks like below the surface. After my exploration of Rat’s Nest Cave in Canmore, Alberta, I’m excited to share the photographs and stories with you in a series of posts. Alien time machine. This photo of interconnected "curtains" was captured within the Grotto of the cave, having grown for roughly 750,000 years. The cavers call it a 'Pig's Ear' and it develops whenever the glaciers above the cave retreat, and the now unfrozen water percolates through the rock above the cave, dissolving minerals from the surface and depositing them anew when the water reaches the cave below. When I gently ran my fingers along this specimen, it felt like a fossilized life form. It looked intangible, yet existed right before my eyes. Cold, hard, smooth and extraterrestrial. It FELT alive. And so did I. Full story is now live! Link in my bio. #feelsalive #feelalive #natgeo @natgeo #natgeoadventure @natgeoadventure #natgeowild @natgeowild #canmorecaving #cave #exploration #adventure #science #alberta #canada #canmore #kananaskis #imagesofcanada #travel #mountains #theweekoninstagram #yourshotphotographer #explorealberta #explorecanada #canoncanada150 #thephotosociety #unforgettableAB
There are some special places in the world. The Crowsnest Pass, Alberta is one of the Canadian Caving Meccas and we are here supporting a documentary film shoot in one of Canada's most striking caves. . . . #canmorecavetours #caving #caves #crowsnestpass #helicaving #amazingplaces
#Repost @carina.schutzi ・・・ What an adventure! Thanks @canmorecavetours for an epic day! 🤘🏼 Big thanks to Ryan for making this experience so memorable😁
#Repost @larissarpr ・・・ What have you done lately that forced you to push past fears that keep holding you back from discovery: discovery of who you are, what you're capable of and what you're really made of? On June 7, 2017, Dax Justin and I descended into Rat's Nest Cave in Canmore, Alberta, underneath Grotto Mountain, during a privately-guided tour. A descent into Earth's Womb. The experience proved to me what I already knew in theory: that 99.9% of our fears are imagined. I learned that I don't have a fear of small, tight spaces. The cave taught me to be fluid and that there is no room for being rigid. The discomfort I first experienced when slithering on my back or stomach with only a couple of inches between the tip of my nose and rock was no match for what I saw when I got to the other side - The Grand Gallery... The Grotto Pool...stalagmites and stalactites... I'll take on The Laundry Chute any day, any time to see all of that again. The biggest personal payoff for me was overcoming my fear of letting go and trusting something other than myself - a couple of ropes, carabiners and a harness - as we rappelled down about 60 feet into blackness. Thank you Max, our guide, for the encouragement. And thank you Dax, for catching me at the bottom. This was an exploration inside a living, breathing thing - my definition of a macroorganism. Everything contained in that cave can't live outside of it. To be honest, I felt like I was going to die too once I left it. That cave is now part of me. It literally flows through my veins. A huge thanks to the amazing humans at @canmorecavetours for this once-in-a-lifetime experience! Stay tuned for more here and @daxjustin. Blog drops soon! . . . . #feelsalive #outdoor #rappelling #shotoncanon #beautifuldestinations #explorecanada #natgeo #hellyhansen #feelalive #keencanada #revo #GetOutside #caving #cangeo #Edgetv #adrenaline #adventure #moretodiscover
#Repost @formank101 getting cozy in the Challenge Squeeze! ・・・ #ratsnestcave #crawlingthroughthecave #canmore #alberta #canada
#Repost @daxjustin ・・・ INTO EARTH'S WOMB // I've always wondered what the Earth looks like below the surface. After my exploration of Rat’s Nest Cave with @canmorecavetours, I’m excited to share the photographs and stories with you in a series of posts. In the cave you're immersed in a living, sweating, self-sustaining eco-system. All without a lick of sunlight. It was thrilling, educational, and viseral. I want to take you deep inside Earth’s Womb and show you why this is a Signature Canadian Experience as designated by Destination Canada (@explorecanada). I want to start where the journey began - rappelling into the abyss about 60 feet underground. Nothing but darkness. I thought I'd be claustrophobic...I mean, aren't we all afraid of maneuvering through tiny cracks and tunnels? The moment we got down there time stopped, I wasn't claustrophobic or scared of anyhing. I was inside the moment. This photo by @larissarpr was the first time in my life I felt at peace in a dark frontier. #feelsalive #feelalive #canmorecaving #canmorecavetours #canmore #caving #cave #canmorecaverns #sharecangeo #beautifuldestinations #ourplanetdaily #artofvisuals #canon #instagood #travelstoke #earthpix #earthofficial #adventure #expedition #explore #exploration #science #biology #microbiology #explorealberta #explorecanada #natgeoadventure #natgeo #natgeoyourshot
#Repost @jesse.melansonn ・・・ Had an incredible time caving and repelling down "Rat's nest Cave" today. It was honestly one of the best experiences I've had in Alberta so far. Even though I felt like I was in a horror movie most the time, it was a one of a kind experience! #fitness #caving #alberta #ratsnestcave #banfflife #notclaustrophobic #livingthelife
Caving is definitely a family activity! 📷 @_denis22 ・・・ special thanks to our guide Max at #canmorecavetours . amazing guide. I'm so proud of all my kids. 16 story cave descent and big hike
📷and caption by @jurellai ・・・ Brought the thermal imager into Rat's Nest cave, you can see the "bacon strip" formation was slightly warmer than the surrounding cave wall.
Such an incredible photo by Brandon Mackinnon! It's hard to believe that such a massive space exists way underground.
#Repost @daxsdiary ・・・ DD55: Dear Diary, June 2017 I had one of the most surreal experiences of my life and it all happened a couple hundred feet below the surface. Remember when you saw the Three Sisters mountains in Canmore and thought, "I wonder what the hell the Earth looks like below all of this" - that was the best idea we've had yet, Dude! ✊ (And we start dropping the story in like... a few days. It's up to the cave, really. It's ALIVE down there.)
📷by @alanab23 via Instagram
📷by Courtney King There are some truly spectacular features to be discovered underground in Rats Nest Cave!
📷by @b_mackinnon_photography ・・・ Vlad and Chantal exploring the grand gallery in Rats Nest Cave
We are super excited to have welcomed Dax Justin (@daxjustin ) into Rats Nest Cave. Here is what he has to say: ・・・ "In the last few weeks I've gone from one element to another; from the lush forests of BC, to tranquil waterfalls, to the undeniable rush of being airborne on a seaplane & helicopter. All these experiences, however mind-shattering to me had one thing in common: they all took place above ground. If the land looks this beautiful above the surface - What the hell do the underlayers of our Earth look like? I thought: What would that experience FEEL like? I took action on my thoughts and now my latest project had me descending into the unknown, working on an assignment with @canmorecavetours a couple hundred feet deep within the Rat's Nest Cave near Canmore, Alberta. This is the last photo I took before I repelled into darkness and found a whole new world - one that survives without the familiar comforts of the Sun. I had never been caving or deep into any cave until now... This changes everything and my upcoming posts will take you there. "
📷by @heather.s.simpson.3 ・・・ 4 hours in Rate Cave today. So much fun.
📷by @rahelm91 ・・・ "Crawling through some small, dark spaces, abseiling in the dark and enjoying the quiet emptiness of a cave older than I can imagine"