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Caving Activities

Rat’s Nest Cave

Rat’s Nest Cave is a constant 5°C (41°F) all year. Why is that? Because caves reflect the mean annual temperature so no matter what the outside weather it’s always pleasant inside the cave. Like most alpine caves, it is cool in summer, mild in winter. In 1987, the cave was designated a Provincial Historic Site. Access to the cave is restricted to protect the delicate environment within. The cave has over 4 km of explored passage and lies under Grotto Mountain near Canmore, Alberta.

Caves Canmore - Ranger Way Stalagmite

Tours & Activities

There are five activities offered at Rat’s Nest Cave.

Explorer Tour

Adult:   $115.00 + GST
Youth:  $105.00 + GST (10-15 yrs)
Minimum Age: 10 yrs

Tour time: 4.5 hours, approx. 2.5 hours underground.

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Adventure Tour

Adult:  $145.00 + GST
Youth: $135.00 + GST (12-15 yrs)
Minimum Age: 12 yrs

Tour time: 6 hours, approx. 4 hours underground, Rappelling 18m plus Laundry Chute.

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Team Building

Canmore Cave Tours offers caving activities in Rat’s Nest Cave to corporate groups, from an informal sport’s day to a more formal leadership and teamwork development program.

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Caving courses

Canmore Cave Tours offer a series of caving courses designed to teach cavers to be safe and efficient with the most modern caving techniques and equipment.

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All participants will have to sign a waiver form at the beginning of each activity.

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