Horizontal Caving Course

At Canmore Cave Tours we believe everyone should be cavers and we are passionate about helping people enjoy this fascinating activity. We provide a series of caving courses to help new and experienced cavers develop and maintain the necessary skills to appreciate and enjoy caving in a safe and responsible manner. Our caving courses are arranged into a logical progression intended to introduce and develop skills in digestible portions, allowing students to gain the caving experience they need for the next step in training.

- Sign up for both the Horizontal and Vertical Caving courses and receive a $50 total discount. -


1 Day


Price: $155.00 + GST


16 years old +


February 4th, 2017
Apr 22nd, 2017

Minimum 4 participants


  • What to bring

    We provide: coveralls, kneepads, gloves, helmet & headlamp, safety lanyard, and backpack. You will not get wet in the cave.

    • Footwear: Clients must wear appropriate footwear – hiking boots are best or running shoes with good tread – NO Sandals, NO open toes, NO skateboard shoes, NO flat soled shoes.
    • Clothing: Wear warm comfortable clothing: long bottoms, long sleeved shirt & sweater/fleece/hoodie on top. Suitable outdoor clothing is required for all seasons
    • Medication: For safety reasons please ensure to have plenty of all necessary medications with you during your time in the cave.
    • Food & Drinks: Bring some small wrapped snacks (soft snack bars, fruit leather) and bottled water.
    • Cameras: Small digital cameras work well in the cave or disposable with flash.

Course Details

This one day course is designed for those with little, or no caving experience - a great start to getting comfortable underground, but also an introduction to the fundamentals of caving, such as safe cave travel and conservation.

Our focus in this course is to spend time underground. While caving you will practice your navigation skills, learn movement techniques and discuss how to keep both you and the cave safe. All of your caving equipment will be provided and you will not only learn how to use that equipment, but also discuss the pros and cons of different equipment options, if and when you decide to purchase your own.

You day will also consist of a short classroom component to discuss theory and work on skills such as knot craft. We also want to set you up for success should you choose to foray into the world of vertical caving.

Course participants receive a 10% discount on equipment from our in-house caving store.

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Select an available date on the calendar below to book your Horizontal Caving Course. Book the Vertical Caving Course at the same time and we will discount both courses by 10%.

2017 Horizontal Caving Course Dates:

  • February 4th, 2017
  • April 22, 2017

2017 Vertical Caving Course Dates:

  • February 11th-12th, 2017
  • April 29th-30th, 2017

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