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Welcome to the Best Adventure IN the Rockies!

Join us YEAR ROUND, RAIN or SHINE, for a Natural History tour into Rat’s Nest Cave: a wild, undeveloped cave under Grotto Mountain near Banff and Canmore, Alberta, Canada!

By wild, we mean no interior lighting, no handrails, no walkways; a cave in its natural state.The Grand Gallery

Discover how caves form; find out how animals and humans use caves; examine stalactites, stalagmites, animal bones and fossils; learn about the geology of the picturesque Bow Valley in the Canadian Rockies where Banff and Canmore are located.Fossils!

The adventure begins with a 30 minute hike up a beautiful mountain trail to the cave entrance. 

Knowledgeable guides take you on a Natural History tour of this exciting underground world – etched and sculptured over hundreds of thousands of years – through twisting passages and chambers of stalactites & stalagmites, animal bones and fossils.

Come to Banff and Canmore for your caving adventure.

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Explorer Tour

Tour time: 4.5 hours, approx. 2.5 hours underground.

Adventure Tour

Tour time: 6 hours, approx. 4 hours underground, Rappelling 18m plus Laundry Chute.

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