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Booking ID: ABCD-123456
Tour Date: May 2, 2024
Booking Total: $$245.00
Amount Paid: $$245.00
Booking Status: PAID
Thank You!

Thank you for booking your adventure with Canmore Cave Tours! We have designed this page specifically to help you prepare for your experience and to help you squeeze every last bit of adventure and excitement out of your day. You'll want to start with the section titled "Next Steps" to get all of the official paperwork business done ahead of your tour. Then you can peruse some of the bonus information we've shared about our beautiful home and everything it has to offer. Of course, if you have any questions along the way please make sure to contact us!

Meeting Location

129 Bow Meadows Crescent
Canmore, Alberta (View Google Map)

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Next Steps

1. Waivers
All participants on our cave tours will need to sign a waiver prior to attending. You can assign waivers to each of the participants in your group using the "Guest Details" button on your booking confirmation. Minors will be added to the waivers of parents or guardians. This video will walk you through the process.
2. Preparing For Your Tour
To get the most out of your caving adventure it is best that everyone in your group is as prepared as possible. This fun little video will explain what to expect through the day, what to wear and bring with you, and some of the unique aspects of the tour.
3. It's Go Time!

Cave day is here! And to kick it off right, here are a few tips to get everything started as smoothly as possible:

  1. Fuel Up! This is going to be a big day of adventure and you're going to need your energy. Get lots of rest the night before, have a good breakfast. Feel free to bring lunch food with you to keep your energy up. In-cave we recommend small, pocket-sized snacks but you can eat more substantial morsels before and after going into the cave. If your cave tour is part of a celebration like a birthday or wedding party, we suggest saving the big night out on the town for after the tour.

  2. The day starts at our office in Canmore. You'll be sized for equipment, meet your guide and teammates and use the last official bathroom before the cave... go easy on the coffee. Don't worry about arriving too early - 10 minutes prior to your tour start time is plenty. You will be at our office for approximately 20 minutes and then you will be driving your vehicle to the cave trailhead (about 7 minutes away).

    Click here to view our office location on Google Maps.

  3. Parking: We have plenty of parking space for small vehicles at our office for the start of the tour. For larger vehicles like large trucks or RVs, there is parking available along Elk Run Boulevard, about a block away from the office. Allow yourself an extra five minutes or so prior to the tour to get situated. Once we are done at the office you'll be driving your vehicle to the cave trailhead where there is plenty of space. If you plan to carpool with other members of your group, please leave extra vehicles along Elk Run Blvd as we will need the office parking for other tour groups.

  4. No Vehicle? No Problem. Public transit stops about a block away from our office so getting to us is very easy. We do not provide transportation to the cave, but we can arrange a taxi for you (at an additional cost).

Souvenirs and Swag

A cave tour is unforgettable on its own, but sometimes you just need a little memento to remind yourself how amazing you are. Below are a few suggestions - view our entire collection including our selection of tshirts On Our Online Store. Get 10% off your purchase when you use the code CUSTOMER10 at checkout and we'll have it waiting for you when you arrive!