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16 January 2024

10 Awe-Inspiring Caves Around the World

If you weren’t aware, we’re pretty into caves! We know, dark, dirty caves don’t appeal to everyone (even though we think they should), but we’re willing to bet there’s at least one cave on this planet that would have you in awe. Check out this remarkable, awe-inspiring round up of some of the world’s caves and TRY and tell us that caves aren’t cool when you’re done. Here it goes!

  • #1: Son Doong Cave

    Located near the border between Laos and Vietnam, this is the largest cave in the world (as of now). This utterly stunning cave is home to stalactites measuring up to 70 m in height and cave pearls that are the size of basketballs. If you’re unsure, that is huge! In addition, this cave is home to an internal fast-flowing subterranean river. Its name is a loose translation for the English words “cave of the mountain river.”
  • #2: Benagil Sea Cave
    Algarve, Portugal

    A number of remarkably gorgeous caves line the coast of the Algarve. Begagil is one of these caves and has earned an iconic reputation worldwide for its sheer beauty. This cave is reachable only by sea, though it is close to a beach. It is best accessed by boat as the tides are strong and the currents change rapidly. Only smaller boats can enter the cave. In addition to being known for its beauty, the cave has also earned the title of one of the most romantic places in the Algarve.
  • #3: Crystal Cave

    This miraculous cave was formed from rainwater, melting glaciers, and heat from the volcanic fault line. Want to know the craziest part? When you’re in this cave (one of the Iceland Ice Caves), you’re literally standing on the inside of a glacier. Sometimes you can even hear the ice cracking. Don’t be scared, glaciers are a moving piece of mother nature.

  • #4: Devetashka Cave

    This incredible cave site has been occupied by humans for tens of thousands of years. It is located roughly 2kms from the village of Devetashka and has now become part of a public park in the area. The site includes a waterfall, sinkholes, and an underground river. The earlier human traces found in this cave date back to around 70 thousand years ago.
  • #5: Cenote Ik Kil

    Ik Kil is park of the Ik Kil Archeological Park near Chichen Itza. The beautiful open cave is open to the public for swimming and is often accessible by bus tours. The cave lies about 26 meters below ground with a wide opening at the top towards the sky. The cenote is about 60 meters in diameter and 40 meters deep. This site is sacred to the Mayans and is used by the for both relaxation and ritual.
  • #6: Chinhoyi Caves

    This site consists of a group of limestone and dolomite caves in Zimbabwe. They are a designated national park located in north central Zimbabwe. The main cave of the group is home to a pool of electric blue water. In fact, cave divers have uncovered a submarine passage within. This site is commonly visited by divers as it allows what is referred to as “ultra-deep diving.”
  • #7: Majlis Al Jinn

    Here we have what is presumed to be the deepest cave in the world. It is also known as the second-largest known cave chamber in the world by surface area. The volume of the chamber is about 4,000,000 cubic meters. The base of the cave is 624,000 square feet (almost 11 football fields). The only way to enter the cave is through one of three (very small) openings at the top. Therefore, repelling into the cave is necessary.
  • #8: Mermaids Cave

    The picturesque Mermaid’s Cave is located beneath Dunluce Castle, one of the finest medieval castles in Ireland. The castle was abandoned after 1939 when part of the castle crumbled into the sea. The cave itself is hidden. Even as you get close it’s hard to spot with only a small opening at the entrance. With the sounds of crashing waves, outstanding views, and a unique atmosphere, you’ve got to see it!
  • #9: Lascaux Cave

    A series of complex caves near the village of Montignac, this cave is home to 600 parietal wall paintings on the interior walls and ceilings of the cave. The paintings depict predominately animals that correspond with the upper Palaeolithic time. A combined effort of many generations over the years.
  • #10: The Cave Of Three Bridges

    Known as The Cave of Three Bridges, this cave is also referred to as Balaa Gorge Sinkhole/Waterfall. The waterfall drops down about 255 meters into a cave of limestone located on the Lebanon Mountain Trail. The “Three Bridges” title comes from three natural bridges which one passes in the valley.
  • BONUS #11: Rats Nest Cave
    Canmore, Canada

    We had to. Just a friendly reminder that there you simply haven’t experienced the Rockies until you’ve been IN the Rockies. Rat’s Nest Cave resides beneath grotto mountain and is an absolute must-see for visitors and locals alike. If you haven’t had the chance to check it out, get in touch. We want to take you!