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This Canadian Signature Experience is our longest cave tour.

Total Length
6 hrs
Time Underground
4 hrs

*Times are approximate


*Youth Age 12-15 yrs

Minimum Age
12 yrs
Group Size
2-8 Cavers

*Contact Us for Groups of 8+

6 hrs
$199.00 (Adult)
$169.00 (Youth)
Minimum Age: 12 yrs

*Youth Age 12-15 yrs

Grotto Mountain




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The How, What, When, Where and Why of the Adventure Tour

Female caver beginning the rappel in Rat's Nest Cave on the Adventure Tour

Our Adventure Tour is our flagship tour and has been recognized as a Canadian Signature Experience. As the longest tour we offer in Rat’s Nest Cave, the Adventure Tour is the complete package. Cavers will rappel 18m (that’s 6 Stories!) inside the cave, plus have the opportunity to push your limits in the warm-up squeeze, challenge squeeze, and the Laundry Chute – a section of the cave that adds a little extra challenge but a whole lot of extra fun. Visit the impressive Grand Gallery – the largest known room in the cave, then surround yourself with ancient cave formations in the Grotto. You will spend approximately 4 hours underground on the Adventure Tour and we promise it will be an unforgettable 4 hours!

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Male caver passing through the Laundry Chute in Rat's Nest Cave

You will meet your guide and the rest of your team at the Canmore Cave Tours Office in Canmore to go through the plan for the day and collect your caving equipment. You will then follow the guide in convoy in your own vehicle for a 10 minute drive to the cave parking lot where you’ll pack up your caving gear then hike for 30 minutes up a mountain trail to the cave entrance.

Along the trail, your guide will share with you some of the incredible history of the Bow Valley. You may discuss how caves are formed, the geologic history of the area, discover and examine some of our local fossils, and much more. Make sure to keep an eye out for bighorn sheep and maybe even signs of a bear or a cougar.

Soon after entering the cave you’ll rappel 18 m on a rope (with safety line backup) and then climb, crawl, wiggle and slide your way through water-worn passages. Your route through the cave may include "the Box”, the Five Way Chamber, the Laundry Chute the Grand Gallery and finally the Grotto. This beautiful room is the lowest point on the tour, but also one of the highlights with its crystal clear pool and walls covered in stalactites and stalagmites.

View and Download the Waiver (for informational purposes only - an individual link to sign the waivers will be given upon booking)

Sample Itinerary

Planning Your Day? Here's the Breakdown.

Tour Start Time Meet your guide at the Canmore Cave Tours office.
20 min Pack up equipment and follow guide in a convoy to cave parking lot.
30 min Begin hiking up to the entrance.
1 hr Arrive at cave entrance, safety de-brief and gear up
1 hr 30 min Let’s go Caving!
5 hr 30min Emerge victoriously from the cave - celebratory high-five!
6 hr Arrive at cave parking lot and depart

**Times given are the approximate time from the start of the tour


What is the difference between the Adventure and Explorer Tours?

The Adventure Tour is a total of 6 hours long, 4 hours of which are spent underground. The Explorer Tour spends 2.5 of its total 4.5 hours underground. The main difference between the two is that the Adventure Tour includes an 18m rappel (no experience necessary) and the extra time allows us to explore more of the cave. Both tours are similar in difficulty and require a moderate level of fitness.

Is there a minimum age?

The minimum age for the Adventure Tour is 12 years.

Is there a maximum size?

Generally speaking, fitness is more of a concern than size. However, all participants must wear a safety harness which has a maximum waist size of 46" (116 cm) and a maximum leg size of 33" (84 cm). If you have any concerns about size please don't hesitate to contact us.

What is included and what should I bring?

We provide all of the necessary caving equipment including coveralls, kneepads, gloves, helmet & headlamp, harness & safety lanyard, and backpack. The backpack will be shared by two people and will not go into the cave.

You will need to bring good footwear, warm clothing, a water bottle and a durable snack to keep your energy up in the cave. Cave friendly snacks are pocket-sized, are edible even if squished (you will probably sit on your snack at least once!) and include energy bars, candy bars, fruit leathers etc. Please avoid snacks that will potentially leave a mess in the cave like nuts and fruit. Also, if you will require medication during the tour it is a good idea to bring 2x what you would expect to use, just in case.

Footwear must be closed-toe and should have a sturdy tread. Hiking boots or shoes are best, but a sturdy running shoe will also work. Other options include rubber boots or winter boots (in the winter)

The cave is 5 degrees celsius, so warm clothing is recommended. Imagine what you would wear if you had to spend a few hours in a refrigerator. We recommend long pants, long sleeves, a warm sweater, hoodie or jacket. Synthetic fabrics are best as they will keep you warm even if you get wet.

Any cameras going into the cave will need to fit into your pockets. We do not allow backpacks in the cave. Small point-and-shoot cameras or smart phones are welcome but please keep in mind that the cave environment is not particularly friendly towards electronics. High humidity and dust can damage equipment, and screens can break if you accidentally sit on it. Electronics are brought at your own risk.

Is transportation provided?

No, transportation is not provided. If you do not have your own vehicle we can arrange a taxi to the cave for you at an additional cost. You can use Canmore's public transit to get to our office.

How hard is the tour?

The hike to the cave takes approximately 30-40 minutes and is uphill the whole way on a mountain trail. Most of our guests find this to be the hardest part of the day, but we do take lots of stops along the way to enjoy the scenery.

Once in the cave the pace is quite slow as we maneuver through the passages. This is not a flat walking tour. There are no handrails, walkways or fixed lighting. We climb, crawl, slide and wiggle our way around the cave so it is best to have a moderate level of fitness. Even more important though is your sense of adventure!

Are there rats or bats?

Rat's Nest Cave is named after the nests of Bushy-tailed Wood Rats found in the entrance. This species of super-cute rodents is native to the area and they use the cave as a home due to it's constantly warm temperatures and protection from predators. We rarely see the rats, and if we do there is usually just one.

Bat's are rarely seen at Rat's Nest Cave. The cave is not a hibernaculum (a place where bats hibernate through the winter). We usually only see the occasional bat in the summer as they are passing through the area.

Is This Tour Suitable For Me If I'm Pregnant?

Yes, but only up until the end of the first trimester (12 weeks).

It is always advisable to seek advice from your doctor when participating in activities like caving.

Will I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, all participants will need to complete a liability waiver. We recommend you review the waiver before booking your tour. Once you have booked your tour you will receive a link to sign the waiver online . Any minors must have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian before participating on the tour.

View the Waiver


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Our Cancellation Policy

For bookings of 8 or fewer we require a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel with a full refund. Due to bank processes it may take a few days to a week to see the refund on your account. At the time of cancellation you will receive a confirmation that your reservation (or a portion of your reservation) has been cancelled.

For groups larger than 8 we require a minimum of 14 days notice for cancellation with a full refund.

In the event of extreme weather, or due to the unforeseen lack of appropriate staff we may cancel a tour for your safety, at which point we will fully refund your reservation and do everyting in our power to help you find a suitable alternative activity.

Your Privacy is Important to Us

During the booking process we will ask you for your Full Name, e-mail address, phone number, and postal/zip code. We use your contact details in case we need to update you on your reservation for some reason, and we find that occasionally some payments will not complete correctly due to a missing postal code.

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Liability Waivers

Liability waivers are an unfortunate but necessary part of any adventure activity. We recommend that you take the time before your tour, or even before your reservation, to thoroughly review this legal document.

Anyone participating in a Canmore Cave Tours activity must complete a liability waiver, including minors. In the case of minors, it is very important that a parent or guardian also reads and signs the waiver.

Once you have completed your booking, you will receive a link that will allow you to sign your waiver online. We have included a handy video to explain all of the components of the waiver and to ensure the process goes smoothly. Again, it is recommended to review the waiver prior to making your reservation and if you have any questions please contact us.

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