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Alpine Cave Adventure

Gargantua Cave & Cleft Cave
Crowsnest Pass, Alberta, Canada

Alpine Cave Tours - Cleft Cave
2015 Availability: September 9-11, 2015

Price: $400.00 + GST per participant

Minimum Age: 16 years

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Crowsnest equipment list and Itinerary

Alpine Cave Adventure Waiver

Alpine Caving is a very STRENUOUS activity; it takes place in a remote mountainous area where rescue is notoriously difficult and protracted; it is a serious undertaking and not suitable for everyone.

All participants must have a high level of fitness and backcountry hiking/camping experience.

Tour Time: 3 Days - includes Backcountry Hiking & Camping, Caving with Rappelling

Minimum group size: 4 participants
Maximum group size: 8 participants

Cancellation Policy: 2 weeks notice for 100% refund.

A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to book. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Alpine Caves - Hiking to the Col at Crowsnest

Alpine Caving Details

Join our 3 day backcountry alpine cave tour in the spectacular Crowsnest Pass region of southern Alberta! After 4-wheeling for 7 km along a seismic line, we backpack to the alpine meadows – Camp Caves. From there, we explore 2 caves high in the mountain ridges above – Cleft Cave and Gargantua Cave. Cleft Cave ends at a “window” overlooking the next valley. Gargantua Cave is an exhilarating trip involving five rappels, through large chambers and narrow passages before emerging behind a waterfall at the base of Mount Ptolemy. This tour is for backcountry camping enthusiasts who are very fit and seeking a unique outdoor experience. Access to Gargantua Cave is dependent on the snow pack conditions on the Ptolemy Plateau.

Sample Trip Itinerary

Day 1

  • Meet your guides at 7 am; follow guide in convoy to parking area
  • Pack up equipment then take a 4 wheel drive to base of hiking trail
  • Hike up steep trail for 2-3 hours to campsite at Camp Caves
  • Rope practice and afternoon caving trip to Cleft Cave
  • Return to camp for meal and campfire discussion

Day 2

  • Early start with hearty breakfast
  • Pack up equipment for Gargantua Cave
  • Hike up trail over Mount Ptolemy Col to the cave entrance
  • Begin rappelling through Gargantua Cave emerging at the bottom entrance, you may get wet here
  • Hike back to camp

Day 3

  • Pack up camp and gear in the morning
  • Hike down to 4 wheel drive vehicle and head out to parking area.

Camping & Equipment List

Caving equipment provided includes coveralls, kneepads, gloves, helmet and headlamp, harnesses, safety lanyards and ropes.

NOT provided: Clients must provide all food, clothing, hiking & camping equipment for 3 days plus appropriate footwear. Full details are provided in the Crowsnest equipment list.

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