Gargantuan Adventures - Gargantua Cave & Cleft Cave

Visit one of the hotspots of Canadian Caving and experience multiple caves over the course of a 3-day backpacking trip. Alpine Caving is a very STRENUOUS activity; it takes place in a remote mountainous area where rescue is notoriously difficult and protracted; it is a serious undertaking and not suitable for everyone.

All participants must have a high level of fitness and backcountry hiking/camping experience.


1 Day Tour:
Hike, Gargantua Cave

2 Day Tour:
Hike, Camp, Gargantua & Cleft Caves


1 Day Price: $249.00 + GST

2 Day Price: $379.00 + GST


16 years old +


Summer 2016

Min: 4 participants
Max: 8 participants


  • Sample 1-Day Itinerary

    • 0700 - Meet your guide for pre-trip information
    • 0730 - Caravan to trailhead, sort equipment
    • 0800 - Begin 4x4 drive
    • 0900 - Begin Hiking to Gargantua
    • 1200 - Arrive at Gargantua, dress and go caving!
    • 1600 - Emerge victoriously!
    • 1900 - Return to vehicles
    • 2000 - Back to Civilization
  • Sample 2-Day Itinerary

    Day 1

    • 0700 - Meet your guide for pre-trip information
    • 0730 - Caravan to trailhead, sort equipment
    • 0800 - Begin 4x4 drive
    • 0900 - Begin Hiking to Gargantua
    • 1130 - Arrive at camp, set up camp
    • 1300 - To Cleft Cave!
    • 1800 - Return to camp for well-earned dinner


    Day 2

    • 0800 - Pack up camp
    • 0900 - To Gargantua Cave
    • 1100 - Arrive at Gargantua, dress and go caving!
    • 1500 - Emerge victoriously!
    • 1730 - Return to camp, collect belongings
    • 1830 - Return to vehicles
    • 1930 - Back to Civilization
  • Camping & Equipment List

    We provide: coveralls, kneepads, gloves, helmet & headlamp, safety lanyard, and and ropes.

    NOT provided: all food, clothing, hiking & camping equipment for 3 days, plus appropriate footwear.

    Download Crowsnest pass equipment list here: Equipment List

Tour Details

The Andy Goode Plateau is considered one of the top caving destinations in Canada, and for good reason! Home to dozens of caves including some of the country’s longest, this small area truly is a caving paradise.

Join us for an amazing adventure in a stunning setting, high in the southern Canadian Rockies. We offer 1 and 2-day tours so you can choose a pace that works for you. Both tours begin with an exciting 45 minute 4x4 ride complete with river crossings! (vehicles provided).

The 1-day tour is a big day, with Gargantua Cave being the ultimate destination. We will gain approximately 1000m in elevation to reach Gargantua’s upper entrances, then rappel 5 times through the cave and hike through monster chambers and passages before exiting the lower exit from behind a waterfall! If time permits we will visit a few other small caves on the hike back to the car. Expect a 12-15 hour day!

The 2-day tour allows us a more relaxed schedule meaning more time to explore. Once we have established our camp in a beautiful alpine meadow we will spend the remainder of day 1 exploring Cleft Cave. Hike, scramble and crawl right through a mountain and emerge at Lofty Lookout! On day two we will do the Gargantua through-trip and then collect our belongings on the return hike back to civilization.


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